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Two Types of Invoice Finance

Posted on 12 Nov, 2012

Businesses which are not used to invoice finance can often become confused as to the differences between the deals available to them. The similarities between the two main types of invoice finance are significantly greater than the differences, however, and are not difficult to understand.[...]

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Other Services That an Invoice Finance Company Can Provide

Posted on 26 Oct, 2012

The benefits which can be experienced from an invoice finance arrangement are not always limited simply to an immediate injection of cash. Whilst most businesses use invoice finance companies solely to help smooth over cashflow issues, there are a number of other useful services which can be provided to businesses seeking to improve their accountancy […]

What an Invoice Finance Broker Does

Posted on 19 Oct, 2012

An invoice finance broker offers a range of schemes to businesses which are suffering short-term cashflow problems. Whenever outgoing obligations temporarily outweigh incoming revenues, a number of different options are available to help smooth out a company’s cashflow. Whilst some of these are traditional methods with a long history, others are more recent. Invoice finance […]

Invoice Finance Services

Posted on 26 Sep, 2012

If you sell your goods or services to other businesses on credit, it can often take anything from 30-120 days to receive payments for a job which you have already completed. This can have severe consequences on your cashflow, making it difficult to afford your day-to-day expenses such as materials, rent and wages and making […]


Posted on 2 Apr, 2012

Despite what the media tells you about the faltering economy, there are businesses that are thriving while rival companies around them crumble into dust. Essentially, it is possible for your business to be selling products so quickly that you can’t afford to pay for the next batch. More companies than ever before are turning to […]

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